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Full Send City Rules


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# Full Send RP - Community Guidelines

Welcome to Full Send RP! For a high-quality roleplaying experience, all community members are asked to follow these essential rules:

## πŸ›‘ General Rules
- **Age Requirement**: All participants must be aged 18 and over.
- **Communications**: A functioning, high-quality microphone is mandatory.
- **Names**: Characters should bear reasonable, realistic names and adhere to all Terms of Service (TOS) regulations.
- **Steam Names**: Steam names must exclude special characters, emojis, and any offensive content.
- **Character Customization**: All players must create a unique character model and avoid using Public Entity Data (PED) unless specifically whitelisted for such a role.
- **Adherence to Twitch TOS**: Familiarize yourself with and follow Twitch's TOS, accessible [here](#).
- **Gameplay Recording**: Maintain the ability to record gameplay, with sound, using tools like OBS, Medal.tv, and others.
- **Community Behavior**: Toxicity isn't tolerated. Actions or words that foster a negative environment can lead to removal from our community.
- **Content Restrictions**: Sexual role-play and content causing discomfort are strictly prohibited.
- **Respectful Interaction**: No room for discrimination or harassment. Slurs, threats, or any hate speech will face immediate action.
- **Impersonation**: Impersonating Staff or holding certain roles without permission is not allowed.
- **In-Game Advertising**: Reserved for in-game businesses only; personal advertisements are not permitted.
- **Item Usage**: Use fishing ice chests strictly for fishing items. No reimbursements for lost non-fishing-related items.
- **Law Enforcement RP**: Corrupt officer RP must not unbalance the game's economy or fairness.
- **EMS Conduct**: If serving as EMS, crime participation is off-limits.
- **Theft**: Stealing from business stashes as an employee is punishable.
- **Cheating and Hacking**: Any such activities will attract a permanent ban.
- **Crimes against EMS**: Forbidden while they're on duty.
- **Accountability**: Each player is answerable for their conductβ€”no excuses or retaliation.
- **Game Modification**: Use only server-approved mod packs; anything providing unfair advantages is prohibited.
- **Respect for Staff**: Always treat Staff with respect. Disrespectful behavior will not be tolerated, and Staff have the authority to terminate any problematic interactions.
- **Privacy of Proceedings**: Keep ticket and disciplinary details private and refrain from publicizing Staff interactions.
- **Finality of Decisions**: Staff have the last word on guidelines and decisions. Bans may be appealed after a 30-day period.

## πŸ₯ Green Zones
These areas are designated as non-conflict zones. All forms of aggression are off-limits here.

- **Pillbox Medical**
- **Green Zone Protocol**: No using Green Zones for escape or provocation.

## πŸ“ Player Reports and Bans
- **Ticket Handling**: Only reports based on this document's rules are considered.
- **Staff Involvement**: Unless conflicts of interest are proven, all Staff can process tickets.
- **Discord Reporting**: Submit evidence-backed tickets through Discord for infractions.
- **Recording**: Save recordings of all incidents to assist Staff in review.
- **Ban Appeals**: Present your case on Discord if you feel a ban was unjust, adhering to evidence and timeline rules.

## 🎭 In-Game Information
- **Character Consistency**: Stay in character at all times. Address issues in-role and through reports post-event.
- **Pre-Restart Actions**: Heists, crafting, and storage actions should respect the server restart timeframe.

## β›” Prohibited Actions
- **Combat Logging**: Avoid exiting the game to dodge RP consequences.
- **Loot boxing**: Engage in meaningful interaction before negative actions.
- **Cop Baiting**: Committing crimes just to draw police attention is not allowed.
- **Metagaming**: Using out-of-game information in-role is off-limits.
- **Powergaming and Fail RP**: Enforce in-game realism and fairness in your actions.

## πŸ”« RDM & VDM
- **Established Storyline**: Engage in crimes against players only with proper backstory and interaction.
- **Engagement Rules**: Violent actions must be preceded by verbal backstory disclosure and appropriate roleplay interaction.

Please remember, these guidelines are here to ensure everyone has a great time. Let's make our city vibrant with immersive, respectful, and enjoyable RP!

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