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VIP Silver Package
VIP GOLD Package
  • Gold Priority Access: Leapfrog over Silver and Non-VIP members in queues!
  • Dual Character Creation Slots (3 & 4): Unlock new avenues in RP with access to both Silver and Gold character slots!
  • GIF Permissions in Discord: Bring your messages to life with fun GIFs!
  • Exclusive VIP Gold Role: Gain special entry to our VIP-only chat zones.
  • Vehicle Discounts: Enjoy slashed prices on the latest vehicles.
  • VIP-Only Chat Room: Network and engage with fellow VIPs in unique discussions and events.
  • Two Custom License Plates: Personalize your vehicles with unique plates.
  • Vehicle Import Suggestion Chat: Voice your opinions on future vehicle imports in the city.
  • Enhanced Chances in VIP Giveaways: Better winning odds in giveaways, outdoing non-Platinum members.
  • Exclusive Vehicle Rentals: Try out new vehicles with 2 monthly rentals exclusive to Gold members.
  • Custom VIP Emote Menu: Express yourself with unique emotes across the City!
  • Discounts on Custom Tattoos: Get inked for less with our Donation Platform.
  • Amplified Giveaway Odds: Enjoy even greater chances in VIP-only giveaways.
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