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VIP Silver Package
  • Exclusive Silver Priority: Bypass the queue and skip non-VIP members!
  • GIF Permissions: Add flair to your Discord interactions with the power to use GIFs!
  • Special VIP Silver Role: Unlock access to our VIP-only chat and mingle with the elite.
  • Discounted Vehicles: Drive the newest cars for less with exclusive discounts on all vehicles.
  • VIP-Exclusive Chat: Join a community of VIPs for unique discussions and special events.
  • Custom License Plate: Personalize your ride with a unique license plate.
  • Vehicle Import Suggestion Chat: Influence the city's vehicle landscape with your ideas.
  • Custom VIP Emote Menu: Enhance your city life with exclusive emotes for more fun.
  • Discount on Custom Tattoos: Personalize your look for less via our Donation Platform.
  • Enhanced Chances in VIP Giveaways: Better odds and more opportunities to win compared to non-Platinum Members.
  • 3rd Character Creation Slot: Dive into new storylines with an additional character slot.
  • Priority Ticket Support: No more waiting for tier tickets to redeem your vehicles.
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